One morning before going into our store, I went to the flower district to buy a bouquet of peonies. I made a floral arrangement and placed them on top of my “Portraits of Illustrations” book. Over the next few days, I observed how the peonies would transform from tightly wound bulbs to open and expansive flowers; this would be the start of the Fall 23 collection entitled “Birth Of A Peony”. 

This season’s prints were informed by the unfolding process of the peony as well as the contrast of the peonies on top of the portrait tome. The blurry red lips from the vase on top of the book and a quick illustration I made years ago on a paper towel of lips and eyes of different friends and muses rounded out the print offering.

The silhouettes and fabrications contrast the sweetness of the peony. Leather continues to be an important part of the collection as we expand our successful partnership with Evolved By Nature.  Dramatic voluminous capes are paired with leather or printed mini dresses as a surprise reveal. The navy faille cape is embroidered with fabric scraps to create a galaxy-like picture. Each stone took ten minutes to cover and apply to the cape. The cape was then cropped to create jackets in denim and leather for a more versatile but striking look. 

This collection debuts leather corsets and skinny belts, with buckles fashioned to resemble the peony in a later stage. The metal buttons on cropped jackets also mirrored the bloom motif. 

Utilizing fabric remnants as an integral point of creativity in the collection. This can be seen with the laser-cut flowers which are hand embroidered with pearls and crystals cascading down a denim bustier. White cotton fabric scraps are used for a classic interpretation of an oversized button-down shirt, while leather scraps adorn our bralettes.

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