While Spring cleaning, Jonathan Cohen unearthed a box filled with books he had collected over the years, many of which he assumed were lost. As he sat to sift through them, he realized that there were various books by women artists that he loved. This discovery became the jumping point for the Spring 2023 collection.

Frida Kahlo, Lee Krasner, and Judit Reigl women who although they were overshadowed by their male counterparts were driving forces within their respective artistic movements. Jonathan envisioned them in their studios or homes escaping deeply into their work while gaining a sense of strength and freedom. This is the impact of art and the process of creation. 

The print story for Spring 2023 centered on Jonathan’s favorite flowers: Matilija poppy, snapdragons, hydrangeas, and ranunculus amongst others. Additionally, looks were painted in polka dots and rainbow stripes with a psychedelic twist giving the impression that they were melting. These paintings were then taken into jacquard knits and embroideries enhancing the craft and the story of the empowered artistic woman.

Leathers, in partnership with Evolved by Nature, offer a contrast to the color-rich prints,  bringing toughness and sexiness to the collection. Evolved By Nature uses sustainable Activated Silk™ biotechnology to create a biobased leather finishing that removes harmful forever chemicals from leather treatment.

Much like the women from whom Jonathan drew inspiration, the Spring 2023 collection is layered and nuanced, offering his unique perspective on the emboldened woman, artist, and muse.

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