THE STUDIO is an evolution of the Jonathan Cohen brand, expanding our design offering with both creativity and innovation through upcycled products. Fashion production leads to an abundance of fabric scraps and remnants that typically go to waste. Our mission is to utilize these unused materials to minimize landfill pollution. Past seasons’ leftover fabrics and our factories’ scraps are now the brainchild for new styles. THE STUDIO allows us to push our creative approach further, embarking on collaborations with those who have inspired our brand – artists, local and global artisans, as well as socially conscious organizations that align with our ethos. Limited-edition garments, one-of-a-kind pieces, and accessories, on our new E-commerce platform.

Diamond Mahone in our Hand Embroidered Cardigan.

In the studio

An exclusive look into the past and current collaborations with other artists, local and global artisans that align with our ethos.